Deny Thy Blogger and Refuse my Posts!

(For about three seconds, I tried this in Iambic Pentameter. It was a disaster. I gave up. Don't judge me--you would have given up too.)

Forsooth, there were a couple of posts here earlier. Each of them, one at a time, has left this world of bloggingness.

Dear, dear Blogger, I salute you in your plight to confuse me.

I especially salute you in deleting posts that, really, weren't my favorite. How did you know?

One of the deleted posts was about me wondering why no one is voting for me, the other was wishing myself a happy bloggy birthday. Both a bit narcissistic, I suppose.

Yea and verily, Blogger. I behold and hearken to thee, that Narcissus doth not bear fair blogposts. Oh thou foul Blogger fiend, oh foulest of bloggingness. Perhaps thou wouldst that I should blot out the whole blog... (I hate to point it out to you, but you left a few Meme's and interviews and "look at me, I'm so cool" posts behind. I almost feel like narcissism has won a few small victories.)

However, I daren't declare war, or even acknowledge that YOU may have already declared war. I refuse to see your glove at my feet, I refuse to see your drawn sword.

War with Blogger would be strategy at its worst. (I could make reference to that other war where strategy is, shall we say, lacking. But that would bring me off topic and have people jumping down my throat--and not in a good way--and this post isn't really about that.)

I spent many, many hours creating my banner and my overall design. I can just see you, Dear Blogger, out of spite, turning it flourescent pink. With flowers. And a chijuajua.

(Could you really hate me so much???)

We can resolve this. Peacefully. If you continue to lose posts that I really didn't like anyway, I see no reason why we can't keep things amicable. Perhaps you're just trying to do me a service.

Blogger: "Because I like Brillig so VERY much, I'm going to delete all of her crappy posts."
Brillig: "Thanks, Sweety. But you missed a few..."
Blogger: "I'll be back, darling."
Brillig: *sighs contentedly*

And so I continue to appease you, make friends with you, stay true and loyal to you even when the prospect of my own domain beckons me. Perhaps I will ruthlessly use you, steal some of your coding, and move on someday, leaving a void in this wretched Blogspot. Perhaps I will be here forever. I cannot predict the future. Nay, I dare not! Because we're really just getting to know each other still. And perhaps, just perhaps, you are the Romeo to my Juliet.

(Of course, they both ended up dead...)


Nanette said...

Just make sure you leave a forwarding address if you two break up. ;)

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

I'm starting to believe blogger is evil too...But it's oh so late to switch teams in the game now...

super des said...

Due to a glitch, I did get to read the birthday bloggy one in google reader. Happy blogday! I wanted to say, wow, you're AWESOME and so is your blog. Much better than when my blog was a wee little baby, just over a year ago.

Jenn in Holland said...

I saw one of these two lost posts yesterday and tried several times to respond, but blogger wouldn't let me. Obviously it was already making evil designs to throw them out.
But I DID go vote for you. That's something right?
And I didn't even know you could check your links on technorati... so thanks for giving me another stat site to obsess over.
You da best.

Sugar Kane said...

3 seconds is longer than I would tried!

Just don't get permanently deleted!

Butrfly4404 said...

First - I love that Romeo and Juliet.

Happy Two-Months! (I got it thru bloglines). I'm freaking a little because I'm on like #93 and I was going to do my 100 things post for my 100th post...That's going to take a while.

The other post is funny because I was thinking about you on the way to work this morning! I must have *known*. That's crazy that you've only been around two months though. Is time really moving that slowly??

Swistle said...

Blogger keeps switching my posts to "comments off." GEORGE IS GETTING ANGRY.

Life As I Know It said...

Oh no! Blogger, dear blogger, have you forgotten to take your meds this week? You are not acting quite like yourself and frankly, I'm more than a little confused by your behavior.
Why, oh why, do you not want anyone to leave comments on my posts? Could you atleast let me know when you disble comments so that I can turn it back on?!?

Brillig, I feel your pain.

jessabean said...

Technology is evil evil evil!

And I admire you for even attempting iambic pentameter. I've forgotten how to even begin counting meter/rhythm!

Happy bloggy birthday by the way. :)

viciousrumours said...

You are my new favorite blogger, just for using that picture! I LOVE that movie. It's my one of my favorites. My mother has the soundtrack for it and I used to sit and listen to it on cold winter days. I have it memorized. I have the song from the party on my hard drive. I shall erect a small shrine to your coolness on my desk and worship you all afternoon! (Or at least the next fifteen minutes)

Gina said...

OMG, you turned Juliet's eyes green. HAHAHA. Of COURSE you turned her eyes green. Too funny. Sorry Blogger's giving you issues.

Worker Mommy said...

I wondered what happened when those posts mysteriously disappeared. Did you catch my comments on the "no ones voting" post before it disappeared ?

Oh, dear Blogger, you play nice with Brillig or I shall be forced to thrash you !

There, I think Blogger knows I mean business so you should be fine from this point forth. :)

Kateastrophe said...

I'm not the first comment! PHEW!

I LOVE that you put your eyes as Juliet's. You are my favorite.

Happy Bloggy Birthday!!!

Brillig said...

Should things continue to go badly between Blogger and I, I most certainly will.

Yeah, I can see that. It would be a pain to switch once your so beautifully established!

Super Des,
Awwww, thanks!!!

Jenn IH,
You voted for me? *sniff* Thanks! (And yeah, once you know that about technorati, it's hard to leave it alone...)

Sugar Kane,
You'll know that things didn't go well between us if you show up one day and my blog no longer exists...

Just DON'T stop posting in order to postpone the 100th post! That's so exciting!!!

That actually makes sense now! I tried to comment on your post yesterday and couldn't! Bad, bad Blogger!

Life AIKI,
Wow! Blogger is really having issues, isn't it! Looks like you and Swistle are in the same pickle!

Yeah, it really can be evil! And I see that you recently made the big wordpress switch. I may have to join you. Maybe. I'm not entirely ready to close the Blogger blog just yet though...

"A Time For Us"--yes, I too know it well. hahaha. And it'll now be in my head all day. Just as well. It's better than the David Cassidy song that's been in my head ever since Sunday... And a shrine? I think that's a DEFINITE first. Very, very kind of you. ;-)

Well, YAH! I could never pass her off as Brillig without the green eyes...

Worker mommy,
I DID get your comment--it arrived in my email, though I never saw it on the post itself. Very kind!

Hahaha. In the end, I just turned her eyes green. I couldn't superimpose my own. But hey, if they're green, they're close. Right!?!? (You should have seen some of my attempts with putting my eyes on Shakespeare before I gave up and went this route. VERY scary...)

Jenny said...

I WONDERED what was going on! I saw your post yesterday in my RSS reader, tried to click to comment and... it was gone! Very strange. I'm glad Blogger deletes your worst posts (although I disagree that it was bad)... it prefers to delete my BEST stuff. Nasty nasty tool.

Jenny said...

also... here's the comment that I was going to leave on your last post:

here's some strategies that have worked (sort of) for me... because i feel your pain, really I do!

It sounds mean, but I've started a new policy of ONLY blog-rolling people who link to me. This is due to the frustration that you expressed. I even say it straight-out on my site, "This is a reciprocal blog roll..."

As a way to give people the CHANCE to link to me, and to highlight sites that I like unselfishly, I created a "delightful new blogs I discovered" section. Here I link whatever I want. But every time I add a new one, I go to the bottom one and see if they've linked to me. If not, sorry, but they're off the list. If they have, they're still off the list, but ONTO my blogroll.

good luck... try not to obsess too much... it takes time. And you're such a great blogger, it will happen!!!

Jenny said...

how many comments can Jenny leave...

One more tip- if you are concerned with your Technorati rating, the following "widgets" had a HUGE impact on mine:

1) Blog chicks
2) The Good Blogs

(you can find the links to them on my side bar, I'm too lazy to find them and post here!)

Jewels said...

Brillig - that picture of you? Fantastic cleavage, I'm totally envious. And lets be honest, if Blogger truly looks like that...lets continue this friendly war, purely to have the opportunity to gaze into those dreamy eyes...

jennifer said...

Hi Brillig-
Thanks for helping me to find you. Wish you had commented sooner... I'm VERY impressed with your brood. And your blog, too. It's full of all that graphic stuff and cool design that I have no idea how to do. Sorry I missed your lost posts. Does that really happen in blogger?! Didn't need to hear that!

Brillig said...

Hey, the more comments, the merrier! And thanks for the ideas. It's not that I'm exactly concerned about my technorati numbers, it just shows me who is linking me and who isn't. Jerks. Hahaha. KIDDING! It took me a million years to update my blogroll. I can be patient. But I love your linking strategies. Brilliant!

I know! I'm FABULOUS, aren't I! And yes, you see why it's so hard for me to leave Blogger now, don't you! He's like that boyfriend that's so bad for you but so so delicious that you can't bring yourself to leave.

Brillig said...

Welcome! You really didn't miss much. And... yeah. Blogger only seems to attack its enemies. It looks like you've stayed in his good side. Well done!

Lene said...

Ok, I must admit - I haven't heard the term iambic pentameter since high school? College? I can't has been that long!

Love your version of it! I use wordpress and always wonder if I made a bad choice. Maybe not? I don't have posts deleted but I always feel that I miss out of things offered. Like picasa pictures can send pics right to blogger, I think??

Anyway, Love your blog! I hope blogger shapes up!
Love the pic of you and blogger! I can hear the music in my head now.

Jenny - Good hints about linking!

Shauna said...

Sorry to hear you're having Blogger problems. I know they're going around like a bad cold.

Sucks. BTW, your birthday post showed up in my reader and I liked it!

cathouse teri said...

Brill! You cannot forsake the sounding of my audio post! Findest thou no way?

I'll email it to you. :)
Can't miss this one.

Oh, and this weekend, I'll have someone jumping down my throat... in the good way.

cathouse teri said...

Um............... I'm trying to know if I know how to email you.

I want to have the last name Hussey.

I didn't like that version of R & J. I have very personal feelings about Shakespeare, and I'm kinda picky about how the players play.

thethinker said...

If you decide to break up with Blogger, be sure to let him down easy. An "It's not you, it's me" should work.

Brillig said...

Iambic Pentameter is an excellent term. I challenge you to use it four times today. (Kidding... unless you want to.)

Yeah, I like to think that maybe it just caught a little spring cold and soon it will all be back to normal.

With a first name like "Cathouse" I think that the "Hussey" is implied... It would be redundant.

Brillig said...

The Thinker,
Perfect!! It's a great line for such a situation!!!

Gunfighter said...

Brava!, Brava!

Shakespeare is so cool it isn't even funny.

Cherann said...

I read your Happy Birthday post on my reader. I'd have to agree with you about blog rolling the big blogs. I may have to do the same.

BTW Where is your blog roll? I don't even see it. Never mind, I just saw the link.

Cate said...

Just popping in from Pass The read this wonderfully written post that made me LMAO!

You know, this is the second post I have read in as many days about posts disappearing into the Blogosphere. I'm starting to worry about the safety of my own posts!

Jenn in Holland said...

I want to say something about the blog linking thing, because I fear that others think I shun since I do not keep a list on my sidebar.
It's more about not knowing how to do it than it is about not wanting to do it. And I worry about the issues you mentioned (before in the missing post)about the reciprocal/popularity contest thingy. I don't know how I feel about keeping a list. I think I would worry that those who were not on it (intentionally or otherwise) would feel offended and slighted. SO I choose to ostracize all...
But I do deeply appreciate those who have stuck me on their lists. Maybe I should just break down and learn how to do it.

moodswingingmommy said...

Aha! So that's why I couldn't comment on some Blogger blogs this week (other than the fact that I was away on vacation. I have a lot of catching up to do.)

Yes, dear Brillig, the deleted posts and auto-shutoff of comments were two of the main reasons I switched to Typepad. Blogger is evil! It was recommended to me by several blog designers, so I just went with that. The move was NOT easy. I'm still unpacking blog boxes, so to speak. I think it'll be worth it, though.

That was a great suggestion about blogrolling from Jenny. I may have to institute that myself.

BTW, you did that header yourself? I am so freaking impressed! I'm still trying to figure out how to make my blog roll a clickable link.

Lisa said...

I also was thinking bout jumping hosts to WordPress. Everyone says it's what I should do. But I'm not so sure anymore. If you didn't get a chance, read Paula Mooney's post on her Blogger blog this week about switching. I'm not so sure it's necessary, at least for me.

Jennifer said...

Right there witcha on the disappearing post happened just this week to me.

I'm in the process of switching to wordpress, it's not as user-friendly, though.

Laduwa said...

I LOVED this blog - it reminded me of the time I became obsessed with "Odes", and I wrote my very first Ode: Ode to a Peeing Dog Dog, why dost thou pee? Why dost thou feelst the need to lift thy leg against that lamp post?

It goes on - I'd have to charge you for the rest :-)